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Located in the heart of New York, BAE has five spacious, air-conditioned studios with sprung floors, mirrors, sound systems, and pianos, which are available for rental. The versatile spaces at BAE are ideal for your next reception, fundraiser, corporate event, meeting, private party, photo shoot, or rehearsal.

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Fun and creative activities focusing on the arts

New Online Program, designed for girls and boys, ages 3 to 8

Ballet Academy East’s Summerdance is a fun-filled summer program for ages 3 to 8. Designed to foster imagination and inspire a love of the arts, the curriculum includes dance, art, drama, cooking, and more. Our classes are led by gifted instructors who specialize in teaching young children.

We have added a NEW ONLINE SUMMERDANCE PROGRAM! Click on the tabs below for exciting program details and flexible registration information.

Our foremost concern continues to be the health of our students and community. We are still hoping to hold summer programs partially or fully on-site at BAE, but having added the ONLINE PROGRAM will enable us to offer more options to our students and absolutely guarantee that we will all be dancing, growing, and learning this summer!

Now enrolling for the new Summerdance Online Camp Program!  Click on the registration button below to reserve your weeks. No payment is due until mid-June.

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Summerdance Dates: June 29-August 20, 2020

Customize your own schedule! Enroll weekly, monthly, or for the full eight-week session.

Reserve your spot in the Summerdance Online Program today!

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Whether we are online or in-person, Summerdance is bursting with art-centered, fun, and enriching activities!

Daily activities will vary depending on age group and will include ballet, modern, art, drama, yoga, cooking, jazz, musical theater, origami, theme days, and more! Activities will primarily be live-streamed on Zoom with some classes pre-recorded for you view on-demand.

Performing Arts: Ballet, modern, and jazz focus on developing young dancers’ strength, flexibility, and musicality, while instilling a lifelong love and appreciation of dance. Drama, and musical theater provide fun opportunities to develop each child’s improvisational skills, focus, and coordination.

Art: Summerdance students explore children’s unique creativity while developing their art skills. Classes and curriculum are led by the talented and joyful staff of The Craft Studio.

Cooking: Students whip up delicious, age-appropriate recipes while learning essential cooking skills like measuring, nutrition, and following recipe instruction.

Yoga: Children will learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises to create a calming, stress-free mood, while developing strength and flexibility in this playful and fun class.

Origami: Always a favorite Summerdance activity! Children will learn the creative art of Japanese paper folding. Starting with the basic folds, students will follow Miss Yuki’s easy instructions to form animals, hats, birds and more!

Summerdance Camp meets Monday-Thursday for girls and boys, ages 3-8.

Online Program Schedule
Group A (3 years) 10:00-11:45 AM
Group B (4-5 years) 10:00-11:45 AM
Group C (6-8 years) 10:00-1:45 PM (with lunch break)

On-Site Program Schedule (if in session)
Group A: Age 3, 9:30-1:00 PM
Group B: Age 4-5, 9:30-2:30 PM
Group C: Age 6-8, 9:30-3:30 PM

Online Program Tuition
Group A (3 Years): Weekly, $140 | Any 4 Weeks, $490 | Full 8 Weeks, $900
Group B (4-5 Years): Weekly, $140 | Any 4 Weeks, $490 | Full 8 Weeks, $900
Group C (6-8 Years): Weekly, $190 | Any 4 Weeks, $690 | Full 8 Weeks, $1200

Register today! No payment is required at this time. Tuition is will not be due until mid-June.

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In-Person Program Tuition

Group A (3 Years)
Session 1: $2100, Session 2: $2100
Full 8 Weeks: $3900, Weekly: $625

Group B (4-5 Years)
Session 1: $3000, Session 2: $3000
Full 8 Weeks: $5700, Weekly: $825

Group C (6-8 Years)
Session 1: $3300, Session 2: $3300
Full 8 Weeks: $6300, Weekly: $900

Early Drop-off: $25 per day or $85 per week.
Corner Cafe Lunch: $55 per week.

“My daughter loved Summerdance. Each day she came home so excited about the activities she did and the friends she made. She had fun, stretched her imagination and loved being part of the in-studio performances.”