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Located in the heart of New York, BAE has five spacious, air-conditioned studios with sprung floors, mirrors, sound systems, and pianos, which are available for rental. The versatile spaces at BAE are ideal for your next reception, fundraiser, corporate event, meeting, private party, photo shoot, or rehearsal.

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Nurturing Young Dancers – Part 2


Nurturing Young Dancers - Part 2

May 17, 2017

As the summer is coming to a close, the students and teachers at Ballet Academy East are preparing to leap into a new semester. I find myself thinking back on my favorite teaching memories and sweet vignettes from years past. I remember the satisfaction that one class felt when they were finally able to count the chasse dance without the teachers. Miss Allegra and I became the audience, applauding when the group of ten girls mastered the dance alone. I remember when, after I’d been out with the flu during Favorite Leotard Week, one mother told me something her daughter had said. “I feel bad for Miss Anne,” the daughter remarked. “She must be so sad that she won’t get to see me in my purple ballet skirt.” I remember the excitement on children’s faces when they realized the music Miss Milla was playing on the piano was from The Nutcracker. I remember a group of dancers that Miss Caitlin and I taught on Thursdays who loved partner dancing with crisscrossed arms, a moment borrowed from a famous scene in Swan Lake.